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Visual Identity - Despite the range of colors used for the...

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Visual Identity I immediately recognized the logo presented and the company it symbolizes. The apple (with a bite missing) is the universal logo for Apple Inc. Apple Inc is a corporation that sells hardware and electronics, as well as software to support these electronics. Apple was first known for the sale of the Macintosh computer, and has grown to sell other electronics, most popularly the iPod and iPhone. I was first introduced to this logo when I started using computers in elementary school. Overtime, the apple logo has changed slightly, but ultimately remained recognizable. The initial logo for the company was an apple tree over Sir Isaac Newton, in reference to Newton’s initial discovery of gravity when he witnessed an apple fall from a tree; thus conveying the idea of Apple Inc pioneering the hardware market. Then, the shape of the current apple logo was designed, and remained a rainbow color for over 20 years. For about the last 10 years the apple logo has since become a solid color, but in a variety of colors.
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Unformatted text preview: Despite the range of colors used for the apple, the logo always brings Apple Inc, and its products, to mind. I believe the graphic design that represents the company stands for knowledge and wisdom. The logo is an object that stands for beginnings and represents forethought in the industry. This is based on the discoveries Isaac Newton made. Based on the responsive chord theory, when individuals of society are shopping for new hardware or software, they may lean towards the Apple products based on the universal knowledge that the apple is a representation of new and bold (in this case, technology). This is an example of visual metonymy because these associations are made with the apple. I believe the visual identity graphic is an appropriate logo for the company to entice the public to buy their products; the electronics that are made by Apple are usually the first in the industry, and tend to be cutting edge....
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