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Insitutional Outcomes - important not only in a career but...

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Review the university’s Institutional Outcomes (under the Course at a Glance section in your Course Guide. What do they mean to you as it relates to your chosen program of study? Why is it important for an institution to identify institutional outcomes and learning outcomes? The Institutional Outcomes are directly related to my program of study, Business Administration, especially with a concentration in Communications. These outcomes are the backbone of learning, thus finding success will be a direct result of how well I have sharpened these skills. I also believe a majority of the Institutional Outcomes are
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Unformatted text preview: important not only in a career, but in life in general. Not only being able to read and think critically, but also being able to communicate effectively are important skills to have both in and out of the classroom, at work and at home. I think the 9 listed outcomes are very attainable and a good measure for students to base their educational experience at Ashford University on. In addition, it is important for the instructors to have a set of standards for which they base the success of their teaching in conjunction with students’ success....
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