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Unformatted text preview: Advanced - (E1132) A: …… ˇ ˇ ¯ ¯ ´ ı¯ ai, xiaojie, nˇhao! w¯ name hao de p´fu he shencai, nˇ gai ıˇ a, ` ı¯ ´ `ı ` b` ı sh` nage da m´ngx¯ng ba, jiao...... uhu` ı ` ı Whoa! Miss, you have such great skin and such a lovely figure. You couldn’t be...that big star...her name’s... B: `´ du`buqˇ! nˇ rencuo ren le. ı ı ı` Sorry, you’ve got the wrong person. A: ´ ou ı ` ` ` ¯ hai yˇ nˇ hua de zhe ge toum´ng zhuang, y¯ kan jiu zh¯dao ı ı ` ` ı` ´´ sh` sh´shangchaoren. ıı` And one look at the way you’ve applied your foundation and I know that you’re a fashionable, stylish person. B: ` `´ ` nˇ zhende rencuo ren le! nˇ xiang ganma? ı¯ ıˇ You’ve really got the wrong person. What on earth are you trying to do? A: Visit the Online Review and Discussion (text version). c 2008 Praxis Language Ltd. ˇ ıı ` ´ aju ´ ` ´ `ı ¯ wo sh` x¯ngtan, zhuanmen f¯ e weilai de da m´ngx¯ng de. ı ` ıˇ ` ˇ ` ˇ ¯ ı` zhe sh` wo de m´ngpian, qˇng duo zhˇjiao! gan wen xiaojie ı ı f¯ angm´ng? ı I’m a talent scout. I specialize in uncovering the stars of the future. Here’s my business card– please, tell me what you think. May I ask your name? “ B: PTS ” ˇı ˇ ´ ` ˇ ¯ wo x`ng Xiao. “ Meiguo PTS x´ngxiang j¯ngj` gongs¯” , haoı ı ı¯ ı ` `ˇı xiang zai nar t¯ng guo. My surname is Xiao. “American PTS Image Brokerage Company.” Seems like I’ve heard about it somewhere. A: 29 ˇ ˇ ¯ ¯ı ¯ women de gongs¯ jiu zai ersh´ jiu lou, huany´ng Xiao xiaojie ı` `` ıˇ´ ¯ ¯ canguan zhˇdao. ıˇ Our company is on the twenty-ninth floor. Ms. Xiao, you’re welcome to come visit, and let us know what you think. B: …… ˇ ng...... haoba! Umm...OK! B: ´ı ` ¯ ¯ hai tˇng q`pai de ma! nˇmen sh` huazhuangpˇn gongs¯ ba? ı` ı ı ı ı Visit the Online Review and Discussion (text version). c 2008 Praxis Language Ltd. Hey, this place is pretty swanky! You’re a cosmetics company, right? A: ˇ ˇ ` `´ ˇ ¯ ¯ Xiao xiaojie zhensh` neihang! women zhengzai xunzhao ı`´ ˇı ` ` anr ´ ˇ ` x¯n chanpˇn de x´ngxiangdaiy´ en . j¯ntian xiang rang nˇ ı ı ı¯ ı ˇˇ ı ˇ sh`shi j`ng, wo hen x¯nshang nˇ de q`zh`! ı ı ı ıı You’re really an expert, Ms. Xiao! Just now we’re looking for someone to be a model for our new product. We’d like you to do a screen test today. We really like your style! B: ` ˇ ` ` anr ´ ` ı an xiexie! wo de y` angzi zuo daiy´ en tai p´ngf´ le ba? Thanks! Don’t I look too ordinary to be an endorser? A: ˇ ´ ¯ nˇ dei xiangx`n wo de yˇ ıˇ ¯ ı anguang! b` o zai sh`j`ng qian, nˇ ugu ` ` ıı ı ˇı ˇ xuy` xian tˇy` chanpˇn. women sh` hu`yuan zh`, y¯ u ıı´ ı aoqi ´ ¯ ao ¯ ı an ` ˇı¯ ´ ˇı ¯ xian goumai y¯qianyuan de chanpˇn. You have to trust our judgment! But before the screen test, you need to try out our products. We work on the membership system. First, you need to buy a thousand yuan worth of products. Visit the Online Review and Discussion (text version). c 2008 Praxis Language Ltd. B: ´´ nˇ de y`si sh` mai le yˇhou cai neng sh`j`ng ma? ı ı ıˇ ı` ıı You mean I can only do the screen test after I’ve bought the products? A: “ ” …… ˇ ı enme daiy´ a? nˇ mai chanpˇn de ` an ¯ ˇı nˇ b` tˇy` chanpˇn zˇ ı u ı an ıˇ ´ tongsh´ hai neng j¯f¯ women yˇ jiangj¯n zh`du, kandao le ı´ ´ ı en. ˇ ou ˇ ı ı` ` ` ` ` ` ` ¯ ma, J¯nz`ta x´ng de, zu` dˇngduan de nage weizhi jiaozuo “ ı ıˇ ı ıı ´ ¯ J¯nz`ta huangguan” . nˇ xiangxiang , nˇ kˇ ı f¯ an wushu ı ıˇ ıˇ ı eyˇ azh ˇ ´` `` ` ` ou eyˇ azh ˇ `` de xiaxian, nˇ de xiaxian y` kˇ ı f¯ an wushu de xiaxian. ı ´` ` `ˇ ` ıı ¯ dang nˇ de wˇ ı angluo kuozhan dao y¯d`ng gu¯mo, jiu kˇ ı kao ı ´ ` eyˇ ` `` ´ ou...... xiaxian de nul` zuodeng t´cheng le. hai yˇ ı´ ˇı ` ˇ If you don’t try out the products, how can you endorse them? When you’re buying the products, you’ll also be accumulating points. We have a rewards system– did you see it? It’s shaped like a pyramid. The position at the top is called the “Pyramid Crown.” Think about it– you could have countless new members below you, and each of them can also have countless new members. When your network expands to a certain scale, you sit back and wait, rely on the hard work of the people below you, and take a cut! Plus... B: Visit the Online Review and Discussion (text version). c 2008 Praxis Language Ltd. ` ` ´ ¯ ¯ nˇ shuo de zˇ ı enme name xiang chuanxiao? How come this sounds so much like pyramid selling...? A: ˇ ˇ ¯ Xiao xiaojie, women kˇ ı yˇ zhenggu¯ y´ngy` ızhao de esh` ou ` ıı ezh´ ` `ˇ ¯ ¯o ` ´ gongs¯. zhezhong J¯nz`ta zh`du sh` lian Haf´ Daxue de ı ı ıˇ ı` ı´ `ı¯ ¯ ¯ dˇngjian y´ngxiao dash¯ dou tu¯chong de, zu` neng j¯f¯ ren ı ı ı´ ı´ ıa ´ ´´ ´ ` de qianneng he zhuguannengdongx`ng. nˇ xiang xiang, y¯ ı ıˇ ı ˇ¯´ `ˇ ˇ `ı ` ¯ ge bian liang ge, liang ge bian s` ge, s` ge bian ba ge, nˇ de ı ı ˇ ` ¯` shouru hu` cheng jˇhej´shu z¯ ı´ ı ´ ı ` engzhang. dao sh´ gongs¯ hu` ı¯ ıı ˇ ˇ ı ` ı¯ ¯ ˇ´ ˇ gei nˇ pai s¯jiache, meinian wu x¯ng j´ lu ou liang c`, nˇ jiu ı uy´ ı ı` ˇı ¨ ´ ` ` ` ` ´ ¯ neng daishang J¯nz`ta zu` dˇngshang de nage huangguan ı ıˇ ıı la! Miss Xiao, we’re a company with a legitimate business license! Even the elite business marketing professors at Harvard University have praised this kind of pyramid structure. It’s the best for stimulating people’s potential and conscious activity! Think about it, one becomes two, two becomes four, four becomes eight– your income will increase geometrically. Eventually, the company will give you a private car, and two five-star trips per year. You’ll be able to wear the “Pyramid Crown!” Visit the Online Review and Discussion (text version). c 2008 Praxis Language Ltd. B: ˇ ˇ ´ `` ¯ ¯ı dengdeng, nˇ shuo de sh`j`ng ne? f´ ı ıı angjian lˇ de ren zai gan´ ma? Wait a minute– are you talking about the screen test? What are the people in the room doing? “ A: ” `¯ ´ ˇ ¯ı ¯` ˇ huany´ng jiaru women de “ J¯nz`ta guanjun chengzhang” k` ı ıˇ e´ cheng! Welcome to our “Making Pyramid Champions” course! C: ˇı `¯ ˇı `¯ ˇı `¯ wo sh` guanjun! wo sh` guanjun! wo sh` guanjun! I’m a champion! I’m a champion! I’m a champion! “ B: ” ˇı `¯ ˇı `¯ ˇ ao ` ` wo sh` guanjun! wo sh` guanjun! wo y` daishang “ J¯nz`ta ı ıˇ ´ ¯ huang guan” ! I’m a champion! I’m a champion! I want to put on the “Pyramid Crown!” Key Vocabulary ` ¯ toum´ng zhuang ı foundation (cosmetic) ´ sh´shangchaoı` ´ ren a fashionable person Visit the Online Review and Discussion (text version). c 2008 Praxis Language Ltd. ` x¯ngtan ı talent scout ¯´ fajue to bring out ¯ fangm´ng ı lady’s name (courteous) q`pai ı` swanky, classy `´ neihang insider ` ` x´ngxiangdaiı y´ en anr ´ spokesperson sh`j`ng ıı screen test J¯nz`ta ı ıˇ pyramid `` xiaxian people below oneself in a pyramid scheme `ˇ zuodeng to sit and wait t´cheng ı´ to take a cut ´ ¯ chuanxiao pyramid selling ¯ y´ngxiao ı marketing tu¯chong ı´ to praise highly Visit the Online Review and Discussion (text version). c 2008 Praxis Language Ltd. j¯f¯ ıa to arouse ´´ qianneng potential zhuguannengˇ¯´ ` dongx`ng ı conscious activity jˇhej´shu ı ´ı ` geometric series s¯jiache ı¯ ¯ private car ´ ¯ huangguan crown Supplementary Vocabulary ´´ daren wise man jiunianzh` y`wuı ı` ˇ´ `` jiaoyu nine years of compulsory education j`suzh` ı` ı residential ¯ı fangl´ng the age of a young woman ¯ fangx¯n ı the heart of a young woman zh´xiao ı¯ direct sales Visit the Online Review and Discussion (text version). c 2008 Praxis Language Ltd. ...
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