EXCEL - Statistics with Excel These instructions tell you...

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Statistics with Excel These instructions tell you how to do some basic statistics operations on Excel. There is much better software for statistics, but Excel is commonly available, and can do the thins we need in this course. When I use the word “select” below, it means clicking on a cell, or to select a bunch of cells, clicking on the first one and dragging down to the last one. After you select a group of cells in Excel, they should be highlighted. DATA : The first thing you need to know how to do is how to get data into Excel. There are three ways: 1. You may already have the data in an Excel compatiable spreadsheet, in which case you can simply open the spreadsheet in Excel. 2. You may have the data in a text file, in which case you should follow the following steps: - Start Excel. - go to the FILE menu and choose OPEN . - a dialogue window should come up. You will have to set the “Enable” line at the top to either “Enable Text Files” or “Enable All Documents.” - Find the document you want and OPEN it. 3. You may have a small list of numbers, in which case you can open an empty Excel worksheet, and enter the numbers by hand. Click on the top cell in the column where you wish to enter numbers, type the first number in, then hit down-arrow, type the second number, etc. BASIC OPERATIONS I can’t give an excel tutorial here, but there is one common thing which you will need to do. Suppose you have a column of data in A2:A99 , and another column of data in B2:B99 , and you wish to put the sum of the columns in column C. Click on C2 , and type “= a2+b2 ” (without quotes) and then return . Now click on C2 again, and drag the mouse down to C99 so that all those cells are selected. Then go up to the menu bar, and then choose
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EXCEL - Statistics with Excel These instructions tell you...

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