Dimon - Jamie Dimon Americas Least-Hated Banker(in...

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Jamie Dimon: America’s Least-Hated Banker _______ in 2004, way before the mortgage bust and before Americans thought of banks as _______ words, Jamie Dimon took charge tempted so _______ of his peers. And sure enough, he was different. Instead of reviewing brief _______ of the bank’s operations, as his predecessor had, Dimon demanded to see the raw _______ — hundreds of pages detailing J. P. Morgan’s businesses every month. Instead of simply _______ his traders, Dimon put himself through a tutorial, so that he would understand the _______ trades the bank was exposed to. And rather than run its mortgage machine at _______ throttle for as long as possible, Dimon reined in lending earlier than did others _______ warned his shareholders of looming trouble. Prudent as they were, his precautions were _______ enough. Over the last two years, JPMorgan Chase suffered an astonishing $51 billion in _______ mortgages, unpaid credit cards and other bad loans. And Dimon has landed dead center _______ the controversies that have caused many Americans to lose faith in banking. Chase issued _______ many faulty mortgages, it was embarrassed by high overdraft fees on debit cards and _______ it has admitted to cutting corners in processing home foreclosures. Americans are angry at _______ for helping to bring the financial system to its knees; they are especially angry _______ those like Dimon whose banks
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Dimon - Jamie Dimon Americas Least-Hated Banker(in...

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