Dimon3 - Jamie Dimon Americas Least-Hated Banker America...

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Jamie Dimon: America’s Least-Hated Banker Of A America And Basel Dean Dimon Dimon Dimon’s Dodd-Frank, House J. Main Morgan Suddenly, a a about adviser all ambition, and and and bank bank banks; be been bigness. by calls cannot captive changed chief clout, company contrarian corner deserve did disruption dissecting drama everyone example financial focusing for get giants global graduate he he he he he he he he he he his home, huge if illusory interconnectedness interest is is last least long-term me. meant measured mind money-market night of of of of of on overlooked peripheral predicted prosper public reminded reputation rescue role says setting such suffer supply system than the the the the the the the thing.” threat. time, to to to to too. tweaks, very way wealth were what which who with wrote wrote yet you “This “fight _______ LIFELONG DEMOCRAT, Dimon supported Obama in 2008. After the election, he wrote thoughtfully on _______ reform. His suggestions were not the stuff of a banking apologist; arguing that the _______ of bundling mortgages into securities had to be revamped, he wrote to shareholders, “We _______ rely on market discipline alone to fix this problem.” He expounded on the need _______ “health care coverage for all,” infrastructure spending and energy innovation — with a few _______ it could have been an Obama stump speech. Presumably, Dimon figured Washington would at _______ listen. But as public ire against bankers mounted, word came back that the White _______ wasn’t interested in Dimon’s ideas: bankers were part of the problem, not the fix. _______ Late last year, he was due to visit the White House with a group _______ chief executives. The day before, “60 Minutes” broadcast an interview with Obama in which _______ referred derisively to “fat cat” bankers. To Dimon, who earned $16 million for 2009 _______ all but $1 million of it in long-term stock incentives — the slap was _______ sort of broad-brush slur he was hearing too much of on all sides. He _______ the president: “President Lincoln could have denigrated all Southerners. He didn’t.” www.thelanguagemenu.com
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Jamie Dimon: America’s Least-Hated Banker Judy Dimon _______ the crisis took a toll on him. He used to stand up to bullies _______ threatened his smaller twin; now he felt as if he, and bankers in general, _______ being bullied. There is a picture in the Dimons’ Park Avenue home of James _______ in a sidelong pose and a leather jacket; it reminds Judy Dimon of the _______ business-school student who also wore black leather and seemed, even as he raced up _______ corporate ladder, not quite establishment. Jamie Dimon, of course, is a rebel with a _______ pinstriped cause. I saw him entertaining corporate clients over dinner, rousing his guests to _______ for what you believe in” in Washington, meaning turning back the tide of what _______ regards as ill-considered regulation. During the Dodd-Frank debates, he argued with a U.S. senator, _______ later, during a family dinner at the Four Seasons restaurant, he spoiled the family’s _______ out
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Dimon3 - Jamie Dimon Americas Least-Hated Banker America...

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