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MBA Research Methodology Introduction to the notes © University of Leicester Management Centre, 2005 The notes which accompany this introduction are intended to help you to develop the necessary knowledge and skills for successful completion of your MBA dissertation by introducing you to key aspects of research methodology. They are delivered in lecture format to the full time MBA students at the University of Leicester Management Centre. However, MSc Marketing students and MSc Finance distance learning students will also find these notes helpful, as the advice given here is relevant to dissertation research in these courses as well. You should read these notes alongside the electronic version of Blaxter, L., Hughes, C. and Tight, M. (2001) How To Research , second edition, Buckingham: Open University Press and the relevant Project Guidelines for the Dissertation for your degree. These are all available on this Blackboard site. You should also use the site to ask ULMC tutors any questions which are not covered in this material, the Blaxter et al. text or the Project Guidelines, or to clear up any areas of uncertainty. However, tutors may direct you to aspects of these notes, the Blaxter et al. text or the Project Guidelines in answering your questions. The notes are organized in the same format as the full time MBA Research Methodology course. The sections in ordinary typeface are what appears in lecture notes distributed to these students, and the sections in italics are what the tutor actually says to students in lectures, so that they are able to take notes. Obviously not every aspect of these notes will be relevant to every MBA, MSc Marketing or MSc Finance distance learning student when preparing their dissertations, as all dissertations are different. So you will have to decide for yourselves which bits you need for your own research. Nonetheless, our advice is that you start by reading all of the notes, alongside the relevant chapters from Blaxter et al. , in order to familiarize yourself with methodology as a subject area when beginning to work on your research proposal and of course preparing the dissertation itself. This should assist you to make the appropriate choices for your own work. The notes will also give full references to other texts as appropriate throughout. In addition, please be aware that cross-references within and across the nine topic areas will be made as appropriate, and that material may be initially introduced and then developed in more detail at a later stage according to the structure of the notes themselves. To begin with though, what is research methodology? The straightforward answer is that it is an overall action plan for research. Methodology is the logic or series of steps that connects a given set of research questions (uncertainties or gaps in our knowledge about the social world, about human behaviour) to the conclusions arrived at. It encompasses the selection of research methods, the design of data gathering instruments like interview or
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DL-research-methodology-notes-introduction - MBA Research...

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