Grantham - Can Jeremy Grantham Profit From Ecological...

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Can Jeremy Grantham Profit From Ecological Mayhem? _______ in a Panera in Boston’s financial district in early July with Jeremy Grantham, I _______ found myself considering how I might safeguard my children’s and notional grandchildren’s future by _______ engineering the U.S. annexation of Morocco. Grantham, the founder and chief strategist of the _______ firm GMO, was reading aloud from a rough draft of his next quarterly letter _______ investors, in which he ranks some long-term crises of resource limitation along a scale _______ “merely serious” to “dangerous.” Energy “will give us serious and sustained problems” over _______ next 50 years as we make the transition from hydrocarbons — oil, coal, gas _______ to solar, wind, nuclear and other sources, but we’ll muddle through to a solution _______ Peak Oil and related challenges. Peak Everything Else will prove more intractable for humanity. _______ for instance, “are entropy at work . . . from wonderful metal ores to _______ waste,” and scarcity and higher prices “will slowly increase forever,” but if we scrimp _______ recycle, we can make do for another century before tight constraint kicks in. _______ is more worrisome. Local water shortages will cause “persistent irritation” — wars, famines. Of _______ three essential macro nutrient fertilizers, nitrogen is relatively plentiful and recoverable, but we’re running _______ of potassium and phosphorus, finite mined resources that are “necessary for all life.” Canada _______ large reserves of potash (the source of potassium), which is good news for Americans, _______ 50 to 75 percent of the known reserves of phosphate (the source of phosphorus) _______ located
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Grantham - Can Jeremy Grantham Profit From Ecological...

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