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As stated in our text book, there is no universal, constant or absolute definition of what constitutes a social problem, social problem is rather defined by criteria’s that varies from one society to another. Social problems are also considered based on differences in values, cultures, beliefs, and life experiences. Social problem can also be explained as a condition that at least some people in a community view as being undesirable and there for in need of change. The three most important social problems in society as defined by most people are immigration, crimes and abortion. I believe that a lot of social problems exist in our communities today, but the three most important ones to me will be crimes, discrimination and unemployment The nation’s unemployment which is at a staggering 9.6 percent has led to severe economic disparity among people. I believe unemployment creates problems, such as social exclusions for the unemployed and lack of motivation. Unemployment can also cause psychological harm, that can sometimes lead to suicide because some
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Unformatted text preview: of the unemployed might feel worthless from not been able to get a job or provide for their families. Unemployment can also lead to the destruction of lives, by turning the unemployed into alcoholism and criminal activities. Crime is also another example of social problem, because it impacts the lives of many people in the community in a negative way. With violent crimes on the rise, partly due to the bad economy, many Americans today fear being victims of violent crime, or having their property violated, far more than the worry about other social problems in our society. Discrimination would be another social problem because it eats into our society. Today discrimination is not just based on race but also on gender, age, sexual orientation and religion. People are often deprived of their freedom and rights through discrimination. I believe that discrimination is wrong because it destroys friendship, brotherhood and more importantly it destroys a society....
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