Final Personal Response on Sexual Identity

Final Personal Response on Sexual Identity - Final Personal...

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Final: Personal Response on Sexual Identity 1 Final: Personal Response on Sexual Identity 1 Sabrina Armstrong PSY/265 August 14 th , 2011 Elizabeth Cole
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Final: Personal Response on Sexual Identity 2 Personal Response on Sexual Identity This course has been very beneficial, as it has led me to further analyze my own sexuality. I have also become more familiar with the influencers of the development of my sexual identity. This course has taught me that a person’s sexual identity is a large component of a person’s self-image and it ultimately makes a person inimitable and defines who the person really is. In my beliefs the more logical way in which to view thing such as sexual relations and such, would be to see things in a more coherent and logical fashion. During the beginning of this course of study, I believed that rationalism would be that basis which defines that way to think that critically is the most often would muster. As we are at the end of the course and my view had with stood inferences, differences, and ultimately critical analysis of what I have learned early. I still think my belief in that the value system in rationalism, presents a more sound way to make a decision in the direct relation to one’s sexual decision-making. After take this course I have learned not to base my actions on what is written for me. A person’s sexual identity can be traced as far as back as the development stages and continues developing as a person becomes older. Numerous factors exist that pertain to the influencers of a person’s sexual identity, and it is these influencers that ultimately shape a person’s sexual identity. Sexual identity has the capacity to develop throughout a person’s lifetime; it can be influenced and transformed throughout time. Factors that can contribute to this transformation include value systems, environmental factors, gender identity, love, relationships, and historical perspectives. This paper will go into detail in regard to the aforementioned topics and will be expressed from my own personal perspective. It is critical for a person to make educated sexual decisions in order to better the likelihood of an unwanted outcome from not taking place. The more a person is informed, the better the sexual decision will ultimately be. Being mature and a female, I feel as if I have established a positive value system; therefore, I have the ability to make conscientious decisions pertaining to sexual situations. When such a situation arises, I customarily utilize critical thinking skills prior to making a sexual decision. When I was younger, I was not as too equipped to make my own sexual decisions, which
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Final Personal Response on Sexual Identity - Final Personal...

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