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Final Project Developmental Process - Final Project:...

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Final Project: Developmental Process 1 Final Project: Developmental Process Sabrina Armstrong AED/202 August 21 st , 2011 Mark Pittrof
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Final Project: Developmental Process 2 Final Project: Developmental Process During cognitive development changes that occur refer to the systematic in children's reasoning, concepts, memory and language. During social and emotional development changes in children's feeling and ways of coping with social relationships, and moral functioning change drastically. During physical development there are changes in patterns of physical growth and maturation and genetic basis for some human characteristics as well as abilities and motor skills. The growth process starts at the age of birth and ends at death. Child development is measured in a number phases we go through. Social, physical, and cognitive are developmental milestones all children must go through. During infancy, babies cannot control their bodily functions, and what movements a person sees are their reflexes. Infants can only see objects clearly if they are about ten inches away. By the time the baby has reached six months their vision has improved. By four months some babies have gained some type of control over their muscles and nervous system. They are sitting with help from mom and dad, holding their head up, and can roll from their side to their stomach. We begin to sit alone, eat and sleep on a schedule by the time we have reached six to twelve months. Infants are learning to hold item in their hands, reaching for things that interest us. We crawl on the floor, pull up on object to stand, we walk along the furniture, and when you hold our hand we like to lead. An infant’s social and emotional development begins when the child starts at trust with their parents or caregivers. When they are scared or frightened a baby will cry or look surprised. Infants cry when they are hungry, wet, scared, or in pain, not knowing how to talk this how they
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Final Project Developmental Process - Final Project:...

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