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nature - destroy something so innocent It is a utopia and...

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I thought that the streams in the woods were so clear and crystalline that they reminded him of the purity and fragility of life. Aaron noticed how the sun slipped apart through the trees into little beams of light on the ground, and for some reason he wildly compared nature to having perfect symmetry in every organism. We discussed the ways in which intricacy in nature are reflected in everyday human life and how it should be appreciated and respected. We briefly talked about the rainforest and how it was being torn down slowly – why would anyone want to
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Unformatted text preview: destroy something so innocent? It is a utopia, and yet humans feel compelled to destroy even the most pristine of places. Walden’s use of ‘desperation’ as opposed to another, less powerful word helps to emphasize how hopeless he felt towards Americans choosing conformity. He feels that people, by choosing pursuit of material goods, are completely missing out on the vastly more important aesthetic values, such as the appreciation of nature....
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