Reflection on dietary analysis lab - Reflection I was...

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Reflection I was really surprised by some of the results that I saw after completing this lab. My net calories per day varied from just over 1000 to well over 5000; this is pretty insane because I know the minimum recommended calorie intake per day is around 2000 (but I work out and am pretty active so my expected calorie intake would be higher than this…3205 to be exact). I think the variation in calorie consumption can be attributed to my class schedule – if it were up to me I’d be eating all the time but honestly with the stress of getting to class on time, I don’t usually find time to eat when I would like to. Erratic eating habits are unhealthy so I definitely need to sit down and think about when I can get my fruits/veggies in while minimizing the amount of fats and lipids I am consuming. I don’t think that I need to cut back on dairy at all, because I’m really not getting that much dairy (I am not a huge fan of plain white milk so I’m going to have to find strawberry or chocolate milk to meet my calcium requirements). I used to take a
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Reflection on dietary analysis lab - Reflection I was...

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