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Hart_PSY 336_Syllabus_Summer 3 - 1 PSYCHOLOGY 336:...

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1 PSYCHOLOGY 336: DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY SUMMER 2011 – SESSION 3 Instructor: Emily Hart Location: Knox 4 Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30 – 9:40 pm Contact information: ejhart2@buffalo.edu; (716) 645-0198 Office hours: Mondays 1:00 – 3:00 pm or by appointment; 242 Park Hall Course description: This is a topics course in developmental psychology. This course will cover biological, cognitive, social and emotional changes from infancy through adolescence. Learning outcomes: Understand how research is conducted within the field of developmental psychology Understand major theories of child and adolescent development and their strengths and limitations Understand physical and biological changes across infancy, childhood, and adolescence Understand changes in learning, cognition, and perception Understand the development of emotional expression and understanding Understand changes in social, family, and peer relationships Apply critical thinking skills to research in developmental psychology Required textbook: Siegler, R., Deloache, J., & Eisenberg, N. (2010). How Children Develop. (3rd ed.). New York: Worth Publishers. Course format: This course will be primarily a lecture format. Attendance will be taken, and classroom participation is expected. Good attendance and participation will also increase opportunities for questions and class discussions and thereby enhance the learning of all students. Incomplete lecture slides will be posted online prior to class so that you may print them before class for your convenience. Complete lecture slides will be presented during class, so only by coming to class will you be able to obtain complete lecture notes. Course requirements:
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Hart_PSY 336_Syllabus_Summer 3 - 1 PSYCHOLOGY 336:...

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