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345 Lect Topics read 2011 - Langdon chapters 8 9 March 28...

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COMPARATIVE PRIMATE ANATOMY Anthropology 345/6 Monday 4:00 - 6:40 Professor : Office Hours : Monday 2 - 4 or by Appointment Dr. J. E. Sirianni Phone: 645-0425, (O) Office: Spaulding 134 745-9610 (H) E-Mail [email protected] ; [email protected] DATE LECTURE TOPICS READING ASSIGNMENT February 21 Evolution of the Higher Primates; Comparative Anatomy of the Shoulder and Arm Langdon, chapter 7 February 28 Descriptive and Comparative Functional Anatomy of the Forearm, Wrist and Hand March 7 WRITTEN AND LABORATORY EXAMS March 14 Spring Recess March 21 Evolution of Bipedalism; Lumbosacral Plexus; Comparative and Functional Anatomy of the Hip
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Unformatted text preview: Langdon, chapters 8, 9 March 28 Descriptive and Comparative Functional Anatomy of the Lower Limb April 4 Anatomy of the Back; Anatomy of the Thoracic Cage and Abdominal Wall Langdon, chapter 6 April 11 Thoracic Cavity; Abdominal Cavity; Development of the Gut and Perineum Langdon chapters 15,16, 19, 20 April 18 Development of the Head, Evolution of the Primate Brain; Cranial Nerves Langdon, chapters 4,10, 11 April 25 Evolution and Anatomy of the Primate Senses; Muscles of Facial Expression Langdon, chapters 12, 13 May 2 Muscles of Mastication and Oral Cavity Landon, chapters 5, 14...
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