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COMPARATIVE PRIMATE ANATOMY - February 28 Lab VI Anatomy of...

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COMPARATIVE PRIMATE ANATOMY Anthropology 346 Spring 2011 Primate Lab: Spaulding, Building # 6, Room 155 Lab Phone Number : 645-0439 WEEK OF LAB TOPICS January 17, 2010 Orientation (Monday lab DOES NOT meet) January 24 Lab I: Ventral Shoulder (Monday lab will have orientation before beginning Lab I) January 31 Lab II: Dorsal Shoulder February 7 Lab III: Axilla February 14 Lab IV: Anatomy of the Arm February 21 Lab V: Anatomy of the Forearm
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Unformatted text preview: February 28 Lab VI: Anatomy of the Hand March 7,14 WRITTEN AND LABORATORY EXAMS, SPRING RECESS March 21 Lab VII: Anatomy of the Hip March 28 Lab VIII: Anatomy of the Thigh March 4 Lab IX: Anatomy of the Leg April 11 Lab X: Anatomy of the Foot April 18 Labs XI & XII: Anatomy of the Back & Anatomy of the Thorax and Abdomen April 25 Lab XIII: Anatomy of the Head and Neck...
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