Biology Notes 1.1-1.4

Biology Notes 1.1-1.4 - 03-121 Modern Biology | Book Notes...

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03-121 Modern Biology | Book Notes Unit 1 | The Molecules of Life Biology and the Tree of Life 08/29/11 - Biological Science – Search for ideas & observations that unify the understanding of the diversity of life - Three themes 1. Analyzing how organisms work at the molecular level 2. Understanding evolution of organisms 3. Think like a biologist 1. What Does It Mean to Say That Something is Alive? - Organism – Life form; living entity made up of one or more cells; five fundamental characteristics o Energy – Needed to stay alive and reproduce o Cells – Make up organisms; membrane-bound units; membrane regulates passage of materials in/out o Information – Hereditary/genetic, encoded in genes, along with info acquired from the environment o Replication – Almost everything an organism does contributes to replication o Evolution – Organisms are a product of evolution; predecessors continue to evolve 2. The Cell Theory - Theory – Explanation for a general class of phenomena/observations - Cell Theory + Theory of Evolution revolutionized modern biology o Established 2/5 of the attributes of life Organisms are cellular Organisms continue to evolve - 200 years of work o Robert Hooke – Cork cells, 1665, 30x microscope o Anton van Leeuwenhoek – developed 300x microscopes Pond water, human blood cells, sperm cells o 1800s – all organisms consist of cells
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Biology Notes 1.1-1.4 - 03-121 Modern Biology | Book Notes...

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