LO-01 AG Origins Of Amer Revolution

LO-01 AG Origins Of Amer Revolution - ORIGINS OF THE...

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ORIGINS OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC General American Revolution was conservative de Tocqueville, was a French political thinker and historian who help shape the American government “The great advantage of the Americans is that they have arrived at a state of democracy w/o having to endure a democratic revolution.” Indeed, Amer Revol was hardly a revolution at all. As result, Amer Revol did not open class wounds. Background Origins of Amer Republic - found in profound political currents of that time Western Civilization: undergoing gradual change since millennium – with major questions being asked o Who should hold power and why? o What was proper relationship between man to man and man to state? Organization of Western societies: o In 12 th -13 th C o By end of 13 th C: political power began moving to Clergy o Then came need for need for civil laws/ lawyers o Then came the growth of trade. Money became a political force o Trade became a new way of gaining power and merchants became politically influential o By 17th and 18th C intellectuals becoming a force In Sum, As new roads to power were found, the value of birth decreased. The Enlightenment
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Had great impact on Amer Rep. W/ the Enlightenment came the investigation of people and things Reason was advocated as the primary source and basis of authority o propelling the enlightenment o But more than anything: Science o Impact of Sir Isaac Newton The Philosophies and their impact on Amer Revolution On Justice , Philosophies generally believed o Cesare Becarria : Essay on Crimes and Punishment Certainty of punishment more important than its severity On Education . the Philosophies o believed that reason was the avenue to truth In Religion, the Philosophies o Championed tolerance In Politics, o Foundations of Amer Republic found in debate over the nature of man and man’s relationship with those who rule o Hobbes v. Locke: On Nature of Man and hypothetical Social Contract Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) o Man’s character essentially flawed
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LO-01 AG Origins Of Amer Revolution - ORIGINS OF THE...

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