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Bureaucracy LO-09 General: Bureaucracy An organization characterized by hierarchical structure, worker specialization, explicit rules, and advancement by merit. (Barbour & Wright) or Is the government organization that implements policy according to rules and procedures, by assignment of the process to its employees. The American Bureaucracy Early years, few bureaucrats Washington had about 1000 in 9 units Organization Executive Office of the President (EOP), includes but is not limited to White House Office Office of V.P. NSC OMB CEA Office of U.S. Trade Representative 15 Executive depts Independent agencies: Each director appointed by Press, confirmed by Senate Serves at pleasure of Pres
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Independent regulatory agencies: Heads nominated by Press, Senate confirms But, Press cannot remove except for cause Government corporations: Outsourcing: Functions/Roles of Bureaucracy Legislative/Rule Maker Recommends to Press
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LO-09Br+AG+Bureaucracy - Bureaucracy LO-09 General:...

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