LO-12BR AG Political Parties

LO-12BR AG Political Parties - LO-12Political...

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Unformatted text preview: LO-12Political PartiesFunctions of Political Parties in Democracies•Electioneering/Select and sponsor Candidates for office•Some countries: Pol Parties develop lists of candidates•Early US: candidates frequently chosen by important party officials•US today: •Parties•Choose candidates•Define Policy Agenda- Party Platform•Help during Election Phase•Parties help organize & mobilize•Governing/Help Organize Govt•Control government•Provide teams that can work together•Provide cohesion between branches of govt•Provide information to party members•Provide a vocal opposition•Help educate voters•Provide venue for comm between voters and Govt•Link citizens to Govt•Help preserve social orderPolitical Parties in the USGeneral•Not mentioned in the ConstitutionTwo Party system emerges over time•Founding fathers tended to divide into 2 camps•System of Govt contributes to maintenance of 2 Party system•Single member winner-take-all districts•Many other democracies have multi-seat districts, allocated proportionally...
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LO-12BR AG Political Parties - LO-12Political...

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