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Problem Set 4 STAT 3022, section 005 02/08/2011 The following should be completed by Tuesday, February 15. Assigned Reading Section 4.1: Randomness (pp 237-241) Section 4.2: Probability Models (pp 242-255) Section 4.3: Random Variables (pp 258-267) Section 4.4: Means and Variances of Random Variables (pp 270-286) Section 4.5 General Probability Rules (pp 289-303) Section 5.1 Sampling Distributions for Counts and Proportions (pp 311-331) Problems To Turn In
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Unformatted text preview: • “Pencil and Paper” Problems -No R output needed – 3.82, 3.84, 4.28, 4.30, 4.51, 4.64, 4.66 • Problem to do in R – 3.90; Use “for loops” in R, as discussed in class. Provide histograms instead of stemplots. – 4.53; Draw the probability histograms using R. Include all relevant R input and output. Describe the output in your own words. You may find the code included in the lab exercises useful....
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