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Problem Set 9 STAT 3022, section 005 03/29/2011 The following should be completed by Tuesday, April 5. Assigned Reading Section 11.2: A Case Study (pp 615–628) Section 12.1: Inference for One-Way Analysis of Variance (pp 637–655) Section 12.2: Comparing the Means (pp 655–670) Problems To Turn In “Pencil and Paper” Problems - No R output needed (unless you use R to calculate your answer) 10.34, 10.47, 10.48 Problems to do in R 9.42; no data necessary. Use the pnorm( ) command to help calculate the re- spective probabilities for the five groups. Then use the chisq.test( ) command to perform the appropriate goodness of fit test.
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Unformatted text preview: – 10.10; data = ~ graalum/data/ch10/ta10_001.txt – 10.11; data = ~ graalum/data/ch10/ta10_001.txt – 10.53; data = ~ graalum/data/ch10/ta10_009.txt – 10.54; data = ~ graalum/data/ch10/ta10_009.txt * If the name of your linear model is m , type “ fitted(m) ” to obtain fitted (i.e. predicted) values from your linear model. Include all relevant R input and output. Describe the output in your own words. You may find the code included in the lab exercises useful....
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