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Econ 4531 - Spring 2011 Problem Set 1 Deadline: February 3rd (in lecture) 1. (15 points) For this question, please use the data fle laborEcon.dta. I collected the data ±rom the Current Population Survey (CPS) 2009. You can use Stata, Gretl or other sort o± package (including R) ±or this problem set. Gretl is ±ree (open-source) and very easy to use. Stata is ±ast to handle big data sets like this one and we have license to use it in most computer labs. Do not attempt to do this in Excel! Feel ±ree to resample the data set i± you think it is appropriate. A very good link ±or a brie± introduction o± how to use CPS data is the ±ollowing one ~ mrosenfe/soc_meth_proj3/Intro%20to%20STATA%20for%20Soc%20180.htm Summarize and report the average earnings (the variable ±or earnings in this data set is ’incwage’) by marital status, level o± education, sex, and race (±ocus on white and black). Describe your fndings.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. (10 points) Replicate and update fgure1.4 rom the textbook. What could be said about recent trends? 3. (10 points) Replicate and update table 1.1 rom the textbook. Describe it. 4. (15 point each) Review questions rom Chapter 2, questions 1, 4, and 7. 5. (20 points) Hillarys preerence or consumption and leisure is given by U ( C,L ) = ( C 200)( L 80) There are 168 hours in the week available to split between work and leisure. She earns 5 dollars per hour ater tax. She also receives 320 dollars worth o welare benefts each week regardless o how much she works. a. Graph Hillarys budged line. b. What is Hillarys marginal rate o substitution when L=100 and she is on her budget line? c. What is Hillarys reservation wage? d. Find Hillarys optimal amount o consumption and leisure. c. What is the value o the Lagrange Multiplier? What is the interpretation o it. 1...
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