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ASSIGNMENT 7 CHE 3473 DUE: August 1. -5 pm. #Problem 1: Read Chapter 10 until page 528. Time yourself and report the time (ignore distillation) #Problem 2: 10.1-1 Parts (a), (b) and (c) #Problem 3: 10.1-7 #Problem 4: 10.2-4 Parts (a), (b) and (d) #Problem 5: 10.2-16 Part (a) only Problem 6: BONUS PROBLEM. Weight is triple of the others a) Obtain an expression relating the minimum amount of work needed to separate a mixture into its pure components (at constant T and P) as a function of the fugacities
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Unformatted text preview: of the components in the mixtures and the fugacities of the pure components. b) Show that the expression can be written only in terms of temperature and the molar fractions, when ideal mixture is assumed and the Lewis and Randall rule is used. #Problem 7: Read Chapter 11. (sections 11.1 up to page 581, section 11.2 up to page 599, 11.4 up to page 643 and 11.5) Time yourself and report the time #Problem 8: 11.4.2 Parts (a) and (b) only. #Problem 9: 11.5-8...
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