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Abstract Chondrocytes

Abstract Chondrocytes - ROLE OF MODELING IN THE DESIGN AND...

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ROLE OF MODELING IN THE DESIGN AND PLANNING OF EXPERIMENTS FOR AUTOLOGOUS CHONDROCYTES KNEE IMPLANTS & ASSESMENT OF RISK IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE DEVICE E XECUTIVE S UMMARY Damage to hyaline articular cartilage in the knee is a major health problem that currently has no reliable treatment. This medical condition affects thousands of Americans annually and could be solved with a tissue engineering solution. This project investigates a novel tissue engineering technique that uses autologous chondrocyte and mesenchymal stem cells imbedded in a cross-linkable polymer to repair and regenerate damaged cartilage and bone within the knee. Two papers were written. The first addresses the technical details of this treatment and discusses the contribution of mathematical modeling to product development. The second addresses the financial details and risk associated with developing this treatment for clinical use and develops a general model for use with any new medical device.
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