Abstract-Chondrocytes - N.K.O.B. (New Kim on the Block)...

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N.K.O.B.® (New Kim on the Block) Injectable Polymer Construct for Tissue Engineering Articular Cartilage Mark Shreve Jessica Yankovich Mira Kim Submitted to: Dr. Miguel Bagajewicz May 2, 2005
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N.K.O.B.® 2 1. Executive Summary N.K.O.B.® Corporation’s express goal is to develop a more viable solution to the increasing need for articular cartilage repair. There are thousands each year that receive treatment for articular cartilage trauma or degeneration, and due to an aging population this number is expected to grow. Total success is not realizable with current treatments. Thus, N.K.O.B.® will develop and market an injectable polymer scaffold, with encapsulated autologous cells and growth factors which may be injected into an articular cartilage defect, resulting in regeneration of tissue. This treatment will be wholly less invasive than any treatment on the market as of today, and will decrease the need for follow-ups while increasing the success rate of articular cartilage regeneration. Through an evaluation of the current market and the FDA approval process,
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Abstract-Chondrocytes - N.K.O.B. (New Kim on the Block)...

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