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ADDITIONAL TIPS FOR PROJECT WRITING Projects are like horses: One can tell a good one only when one sees it. Some additional rules/recommendations are: 1) The project consists of an executive summary, an eight-ten pages extended summary and the project itself. 2) Read projects from last year. That will give you a good idea on what is ahead for you. However, do not trust that everything in there is OK or good. These projects did not receive full 100% approval. 3) Projects cannot be “evaluation-type” projects. Everything needs to be designed. -No Project will be approved by just browsing and copying material from INTERNET. Internet is not the ultimate source of data and is certainly the less credible one. 4) Avoid using Dramatic terms. (great huge, tremendous, etc) 5) Make sure you refer to the appropriate section were detailed calculations are shown. Do not write that something “was calculated” and do not show the calculations or do not say how it was done, using what formula, and what data. Never say things like
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