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NEW ANTHRAX COUNTERMEASURE Vi Pham, Zachary Taylor University of Oklahoma – Chemical Engineering EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Anthrax is one of the most significant bioterrorism threats to the United States today. Left untreated, inhalational anthrax, the form most likely to be employed in a bioterrorism event, would claim at least 75% of those infected. Although treatments and a vaccine against anthrax do exist, these also produce adverse side effects and are susceptible to bacterial resistance. In this report, we investigate the possibility of production of a novel new anthrax treatment with minimal side effects and virtually no possibility of bacterial resistance. The pharmaceutical is based on the innovative combination of two recently discovered components: an agent that aids the immune system in defeating an anthrax infection and the “bait” by which to attack the anthrax in vivo . The probability of successful laboratory development is analyzed in detail. Next, a thorough evaluation of the FDA process for drug approval is detailed.
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