Assignment-2-2010 - ASSIGNMENT 2 CHE 4273 Submit all files...

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ASSIGNMENT 2 CHE 4273 Submit all files directly to the TA through e-mail (including simulation files). Make sure they can be opened before you submit. Sometimes students inadvertently submit corrupted files. Copy what you plan to submit in a new directory and make sure they open there. DUE: March 5, no later than 5:00 pm. PROBLEM #1: Designed to familiarize you with the use of column tolerances and the use of the Optimizer features in Pro II. Part a) Set up in Pro II a column to distill a mixture of 23 mole % n-butane, 53 mole % i- pentane and 24 mole % n-hexane at atmospheric pressure and 100 o F. A 97% recovery of n-butane in a form of a 99% n-butane stream is desired. Determine column diameter and provide details of sieve trays. Use the column hydraulics design mode in Pro II. Justify your choice of thermodynamic system (there is a tutorial to choose it) and show how much the results change with your second best choice. Part b) Add an OPTIMIZER and set it up to search for the best feed tray location. Your objective is to minimize the reboiler duty. Reset the column to the initial values you provided, rather than the values from the previous run. This is done in the Initial Estimates menu . There is a box there that say use “Use product rates calculated in the last iteration”. 1. What is the new feed tray location? 2. What is the new reboiler duty? The OPTIMIZER starts from a converged solution, takes a small step in feed tray location, and converges the COLUMN using the previous solution as an initial estimate. For this particular column, the convergence tolerances may be loose enough so that PRO/II converges the COLUMN almost immediately; both feed tray locations may result in essentially the same solution. Because the change in the objective function (reboiler duty) could be below the current tolerance setting, the OPTIMIZER may discontinue the search for a better feed tray location. Change the following convergence tolerances on the COLUMN:
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Assignment-2-2010 - ASSIGNMENT 2 CHE 4273 Submit all files...

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