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Biorefinery James Carmer, Courtney Waller, Dianne Wilkes, and Sarosh Nizami Executive Summary A biorefinery uses biomass feedstock to produce valuable chemicals and resources that can be used in many applications, including alternate energy sources such as fuels by means of an integration of many processes with the objective of producing many products. By incorporating many different processes into one refinery under one roof, power, energy, utilities, and maintenance costs can be shared and conserved. Choosing the processes that are the most economical and profitable is a main focus in this project. Starting with one large superstructure of different processes, the net present worth of each of the processes is to be compared and those processes which are unprofitable, eliminated. A mathematical model is constructed to eliminate processes and choose capacities and expansions. In this mathematical model the equations for net present worth, fixed capital investment, operating costs, demand, capacity restraints,
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