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Biorefining By: Tony Tran, Tejas Patel, Trenika Iland, John Truong, Bambo I-Obe, and Jeremy Constantino Capstone Design Project – University of Oklahoma – Spring 2004 Executive Summary The demand of fermentation chemicals in the United States is steadily growing as many chemical processing industries aim to take advantage of the environmentally friendly profile of biochemicals and products. Therefore, the purpose of this report is to evaluate the most economically favorable fermentation process as well as the raw material choice that will best produce the end products and propose a business plan for a biorefining plant. The chemicals evaluated that can be produced by fermentation are succinic acid, fumaric acid, propionic acid, and ethanol, each with various end uses. Characteristics of good bio based products are those that are biodegradable, non toxic, and generate less volatile organic compounds. By investigating these characteristics, we proved that upstream and downstream chemical production by fermentation is more environmentally
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