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Evaluation of Squalestatin 1 as an Enzyme Inhibitor for Lowering Cholesterol By Samaneh Noor-Mohammadi, Daniel Feze and Dr. Miguel Bagajewicz Executive Summary The objective of this project is to determine the feasibility of manufacturing and commercialization of a novel enzyme inhibitor of cholesterol synthesis. The goal is to propose a drug capable of lowering at least 50% of the total cholesterol level in patients dealing with high serum levels with the highest efficacy. This was done by analyzing the FDA and manufacturing processes, equipment pricing, manufacturing prices and determining highest demand for the drug, therefore, determining the best price for the drug. The suggested drug inhibits an enzyme in biosynthesis of cholesterol but is differentiated from statin drugs by its higher efficacy and its area of operation. By working only as a squalene synthase inhibitor, squalestatin 1 (SQ1) does not decrease the production of coenzyme Q 10 (ubiquinone). Research has shown that this drug will lower serum cholesterol level by 50% using
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