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Detailed Opinions SENIOR CLASS 2003 Students opinions gathered the last day of class. Finally . .. the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good has been the quizzes . .. it might be a good idea to have quizzes that retest your knowledge of material in ALL cheme courses. Also good was the meetings with you . .. there was certainly an attempt by you to make certain every person in your class was making progress on the projects, and I appreciate that. The bad . .. I really don't think one class a week worked for me so well . .. there is just SO much information to cover and so many things to do that a second class during the week would be a great benefit. I try to check my e-mail every so often, but there are times I simply cannot take a look at anything sent to me over the course of a week. Maybe I should try harder? That might help, but a second class would also be helpful to spread out the wealth of information that is currently being given to me in one lecture per week. The ugly . .. my homework grades. I'm working on that, though. =============================================================== On another note, I feel this class went a long way in preparing myself and others in the ways of chemical engineering. I felt it to be terribly demanding early on, but have grown to appreciate the work load to some degree or another. =============================================================== As to quizzes, all people have been complaining about that, but I think they help us out to realize where we have weak points and work on them to improve them, so that why, I think they are fine, and the other thing is that they were just basic concepts. =============================================================== Do not let anyone let you change this course. Maybe it's just the afterglow of the senior banquet - all the bonds that have been created by this class - I don't know. The good. How the workload causes pressure. How the last three days of the project are the hardest three days How we never had to go far or wait long to get project advise The bad. Well, I'm now addicted to Mountain Dew and my sleep cycle is gone to pieces. That's bad. I do not feel Chem E adequately prepared me for Law School. .. Oh, wait. .. I kicked all those history majors and political science majors butts on the LSAT. I guess it did! The ugly. Really, Dr. B. Hindsight is almost 20/20, and I know I'm not far removed from this experience, but I'm already glad I went through it. I was talking about the class to a Junior and basically told him that the rite of passage is really worth the pain - it is. The class doesn't really need to be easier. It would be a sad day if Capstone wasn't feared anymore. But something about conquering this gigantic obstacle really gives you a sense of accomplishment. "Walking" on May 10 will have nowhere near the significance as the moment when we answered the last question in our presentation, people started clapping, and we knew that we had successfully completed this course. Don't let whiners weigh it down.
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Detailed opinions-03 - Detailed Opinions SENIOR CLASS 2003...

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