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Detailed opinions-04 - Detailed Opinions SENIOR CLASS 2004...

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Unformatted text preview: Detailed Opinions SENIOR CLASS 2004 Students opinions gathered the last day of class. Your class has taught me many things this semester. How to be patient (which I'm not), how to manage my time (which I wasn't that good at), how to think more critically, and how to work even better with my group. You have challenged me and I'm a better person for it. I feel I can handle stress better. A few suggestions per your request: It was really hard to juggle all the assignments and the project at the same time. I felt like the assignments were mini projects within themselves. Maybe less assignments to concentrate more on the project, or less project requirements to focus more on the assignments. It was also hard going into the assignments blind. Maybe if you could talk about the assignments during class and explain them and maybe even give some hints on how and where to start and a general direction. That would be a tremendous help. Sometimes I felt like I was drowning and no one could save me while I was trying to figure out what to do. It can be very frustrating with feelings of defeat like you want to give up. But, I made it through with no visible scars, and in hindsight, I'm glad you challenged me. =============================================================== First off - I think there should be a GAMS tutorial, maybe optional. I spent far too much time learning GAMS, than many times that more helping others learn GAMS for their project/assignment. Yes, it turns out it's an easy program, but we're not used to programming and it took a long time to learn the basic syntax. Next year, the projects should be more technical. The only group I saw that really had worked through theory was the moon group. Other groups were rooted in marketing, economics, plant location, or FDA approval. I agree these may be important features, but it's hard to debate economics in the presentation. Plus, I spent the entire semester working and feel like I did little actual chemical engineering. I could have gotten through the project with little background in ChE. I don't know what to say about the cheating situation, if it's even resolved yet. Cheating isn't rampant but everyone talks in there. It's too small, too cramped, and you're in there for too long, getting too frustrated. I've seen literally everyone help someone else. All I can think of is have more individual, different assignments. I personally did not gain much from the assigned readings, but I don't think they should be disregarded completely. Just incorporated more. And have some TAs get more involved, hands-on. Other than that, it's painful but necessary overall. =============================================================== Here are my suggestions for future classes: - Make projects more equal in terms of difficulty - Projects would be better if assignments were less demanding - Keep it challenging and hard, but not more so. There is no possible way some of us could have possibly produced any more work....
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Detailed opinions-04 - Detailed Opinions SENIOR CLASS 2004...

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