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Detailed opinions-05 - Detailed Opinions SENIOR CLASS 2005...

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Detailed Opinions SENIOR CLASS 2005 Students opinions gathered the last day of class. I really liked the class. It was hard and the work load was great, but I learned so much. I think that I would not have felt confident in the work force if I had not taken this class. One of the things I learned the most from were the quizzes. It was almost like I needed to learn everything before everything clicked and the quizzes really helped me do that. I was especially glad that you were hard on me and made me learn how to apply the separations for my personal project, but that you were willing to answer my questions or ask me more questions to lead me in the right direction when I was stuck. It helped me to see that I really could do it. Thank you also for making me explain the science thoroughly for our group project. It caused me to connect dots in my head about the importance of thoroughness. =============================================================== Overall, it's been a pretty good semester. Obviously it was pretty intense at some points, but I was fortunate to have a very good group, so I never had to feel like I was doing someone else's work for them. I'm glad we finished in the top 3 out of the class. I think our project was really good, and it makes me happy to know that other people acknowledge that too. My big suggestion for next year involves people who do not pull their weight in their groups during the first half of the semester. When you re-distribute them amongst existing groups, those people generally fail to ever really catch up with the existing group. Obviously they had some problem with more or less leeching off their group the first half of the year, and I would imagine they wouldn't do much different when put with a new group. I know there's exceptions to this, but I think it holds true generally. My solution to this would be to take all the kids who mooched off their groups the first half, and put them all in a group together for the second half. Force them to come up with their own ideas and do their own project. Don't leave them someone to leech off of. I'm all for giving people second chances, but I think they should have to work harder than everyone else to earn the same grade since they got that second chance. Obviously, these are just my opinions, but I think it would work well in making the leeches work more. =============================================================== First, I think that maybe it would be better if the quizzes were consistently of the same difficulty level. it was hard enough to prepare thinking that we had to know an entire course and then sometimes they were very difficult and other times we felt we had wasted our time studying. So maybe if they were on the same level it would
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reduce a little test anxiety and people would know better how to approach them while still reviewing all the material that they need to. Next, I thought that the homework required a ridiculous amount of effort to
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Detailed opinions-05 - Detailed Opinions SENIOR CLASS 2005...

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