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Detailed opinions-06 - Detailed Opinions SENIOR CLASS 2006...

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Unformatted text preview: Detailed Opinions SENIOR CLASS 2006 Students opinions gathered the last day of class. =============================================================== Before I started your class I had heard a lot of horror stories about how bad capstone was. In fact I kind of feared it, but after having had the class I am glad that I had the experience. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't want to repeat the experience, but I felt that the experience I gained from this class was invaluable. I believe that the one partner idea was great because by having only one partner it made me work harder and learn more because I had to focus on more of the overall project rather than just a minute part. Another thing that is kind of off topic is your demeanor. I was scared that you might be what most students consider mean, but when it came down to it you just pushed for us to reach greatness with our projects. In fact you actually complimented our work which I thought would not happen. It made me feel proud to think that you were actually impressed by the amount of work put into our projects and presentations =============================================================== I have thoroughly enjoyed the class. I was not sure of what to expect at the start of the semester, but I quickly realized that it was pretty simple. No, this is not referring to the amount of work. This is referring to what your expectations were. I would dare to say that your honesty (bluntness – whatever anyone want to call it) may have gotten you in a bit of trouble. I have to say that it really makes my life easier. I know exactly where I stand, I know what you expect, and I know what you think that we are capable of. Hanging on to that last one – I found it very amusing that you knew what we were capable of doing and of our potential before some of US knew it. It was your dedication and perseverance that pushed us and made us deliver the quality work that we all did. I went to four of the presentations, and I had no idea that everyone was at that level. Let me explain that one: everyone knows who is top of the class, certain students that consistently make the highest grades; what was pretty unreal was that with the presentations I realized that everyone was at that level! There was no top of the class – everyone did a wonderful job. I do think that the class should be worth more credits (6) for the amount of work that is given. Again, no complaints – I learned more in this class than in any other class that I have taken in the last 2 years. This was the class that brought everything together for me. Something that I will never say or type again: a turning point in the class for me, which also made me realize the goal of the class, was sometime around mid semester when we had Homework #2 due, along with a presentation and project… and we had no time for all of it. I am not sure if that was your intent, but there was when I understood what you meant by time management and scope. I could have spent 8 more hours on the homework meant by time management and scope....
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Detailed opinions-06 - Detailed Opinions SENIOR CLASS 2006...

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