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Detailed opinions-08 - Detailed Opinions SENIOR CLASS 2008...

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Unformatted text preview: Detailed Opinions SENIOR CLASS 2008 Students opinions gathered the last day of class. This semester has been action-packed. Sometimes I wonder if I have time to do all the things that I am supposed to get done. But then I realize that spending time wondering will not get those things done. Capstone has been a difficult experience, but it has also been a rewarding experience. I am excited for the presentations... excited to let other students and industry know what we have been working on... and excited to hear other students give their presentations. This capstone project is definitely the largest assignment I have ever worked on. This is preparing me for industry better than any other class. =============================================================== Anyhow so I'm just working on Capstone and trying to make the changes that need to be made. I wish I knew I sucked at life earlier like around Spring Break time. So then when I was down and out about the report and my other class big project being due right on top of each other and finding out that there wasn't a scanner at work so I wasn't going to be able to turn in an assignment because the computer lab's always over crowded and the computers are always locked so I can never get on one to do any work unless I get up there early in the morning. =============================================================== This class has definitely made me a better engineer and a better person. Before capstone, my academic experience was limited to classes and small projects. Capstone reminded me more of my internship last summer than a class. The process of continually revising, improving, modifying, and striving for flawless results over a long period of time is what happens in industry. This class has prepared me for industry more than any other class. I feel more confident in my engineering abilities now that I have worked on progressive distillation. The practice of actually applying knowledge learned in other classes was one of the best parts of the class. Presenting every couple weeks helped develop my presentation skills. Capstone was unique from any other class because I had to manage working on simulations and details while at the same time keeping a view of where the overall project was headed and what physical results could be produced. This is similar to managing scope and depth. I anticipate scope and depth as very important issues to consider in the workplace. I will enter my job with xxx with these concepts in my head and I will be able to consciously determine if I am balancing scope and depth in the projects that I am working on. Effective time management and planning were skills that I have been developing ever since starting college, but capstone required me to test my boundaries. I learned that I have a tendency to get personally attached to projects or certain simulations. This was good at times, but at other times it lead me to work on certain simulations for long stretches....
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Detailed opinions-08 - Detailed Opinions SENIOR CLASS 2008...

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