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Long Island University: CW Post Heather Lonks Broadcasting D UE : September 19, 2007 Hillary Clinton’s Health Plan Yesterday, September 17 th , I went to WCWP and used their AP wire services and obtained the information about Hillary Clinton’s “plan to cover the uninsured and lower health costs for others,” (AP). However, the story did not appear in the newspaper until today. I opened up the Daily News to pages four and five to read the story entitled, “A 2 nd dose of Hil’s Health Care”. One can see the difference just in the titles. The Daily News article refers to her as “Hil,” while AP continuously refers to her as Clinton. The AP information does mention Hilary Clinton’s first attempt at improving the United States’ health care system, however not as extensively as the Daily News. The Daily News went into great detail, with a chart and all,
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Unformatted text preview: comparing Clinton’s views in 1993 and 1994 and her views now in 2007. The Daily News article also mentions that supposedly Barack Obama called Hilary Clinton a “copycat”. However, those were not the words he used. Obama simply said that, “It’s similar to the one I put forth last spring”. Barrack Obama is not mentioned in the AP information. The Daily News article also has other quotations beside the ones found in the AP selection. The first big bullet point in the Clinton article says that her proposal “requires all Americans to buy insurance”. This is not mentioned at all by AP. The information expressed differs drastically between both the AP story and the Daily News article....
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