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Detailed opinions-09 - Detailed Opinions SENIOR CLASS 2009...

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Unformatted text preview: Detailed Opinions SENIOR CLASS 2009 Students opinions gathered the last day of class. The class was a great learning experience. The homeworks were okay in terms of length but the due dates clashed with due dates for the project which was not interesting. I enjoyed the quizzes though I failed a couple of them, they were really useful in the projects. I think having the homework assignments spread out through out the semester worked better than doing them all before spring break would have been. I especially think this is true with the quizzes. Having at least one week off between quizzes really helped me find time to study for them more than when we had them every week. I might have liked at least one more homework assignment, mainly to offset the amount that any one grade matters for the overall homework grade. I'm mostly saying that because I bombed one of the homework assignments. As far as the class goes, I did kind of learn to base my answers on the amount of time I have to give them, and that a really bad answer is unacceptable no matter how much time you have. That being said, I would have liked smaller scopes and more time on the projects for the quality of answers you wanted from us. I say that even though my group was lucky enough to be able to produce decent results in the amount of time we had. There was a good amount of time where we were unsure of being able to get results that made sense. It's tough to say whether the high standards prepared me for the professional world. I know I've never been as frustrated during an internship as I have while working on capstone. It may just be the fact that during an internship I haven't had the extra concerns of other classes and I've only had to commit 8 hours a day to it. All in all, it was a good experience and I'm really glad it's over. Thanks for teaching the class. I'm in favor of keeping the homework spread out over the course of the semester. I feel like it would have been more stressful to have all of them before spring break. Overall, I feel that the CBME department has prepared me for a successful professional career. I've gotten through classes, assignments, and exams that I would never have though myself capable of doing when I started here. I don't really have much else to comment on, but thank you for your time and effort this semester. I thought spreading the homeworks and quizes throughout the semester was much more manageable than having everything completed before spring break. For the class in general, I think capstone would be much more effective if it was spread out between multiple faculty members. I think having one teacher for the lecture portion of the class is a good idea, but having one professor to manage all of the projects is not a good idea. I feel that the projects would be much better in quality if the students could rely less on the TA's and more on the faculty for advice and guidance. (...not that anybody relied too heavily on the TA's)....
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Detailed opinions-09 - Detailed Opinions SENIOR CLASS 2009...

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