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Engineering Drug Delivery By: Aron Deen, Michael Matlock, Brian Copeland, Brett Covey, Jenny Oberlag Capstone Design Project- University of Oklahoma - Spring 2003 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this project is to consider a timed-release drug delivery system and expound all creative avenues available to the market. The project considers the complete undertaking of developing such a drug, from research and development, to fabrication and marketing of the new system. The type of delivery system that is to be used will be a capsule taken orally, consisting of a semi-permeable membrane, and then making use of osmotic pressure to slowly release the drug over the required time frame, adjusting from short periods up to 24 hours. The drug chosen for use in this experiment was tamsulosin hydrochloride, known commercially in the U.S. as Flomax®. Flomax® is used to treat the symptoms of an enlarged prostate--a condition technically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH 1 . The major symptom associated with BPH is trouble urinating. This drug was selected because it could be purchased, was found to have a sizeable and
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