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ENGINEERING ROACH KILLERS Doug Beshara Anthony Williams EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The enclosed report addresses the possibility of integrating a synthetic roach sex pheromone into an existing trapping mechanism to produce a superior roach control product. This new product would be an off the shelf brand designed for private homeowners, and should be competitive with the current market leader, Maxforce. It was decided to market this product in a gel form that combines blattellaquinone and maltose as the attractants, fipronil as the active insecticide, and carrageenan as the gel matrix. The southwestern United States (TX, OK, KS, NV, AZ, NM, CA, UT, CO) is the target distribution area. Utility functions were created to assess the necessary characteristics of the new product from a consumer standpoint. Four characteristics of the new product were rated by ten consumers through the distribution of surveys. The four characteristics were: durability, speed, odor, and toxicity. Each of these characteristics were then linked to an adjustable
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