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1 Use of Membranes in Gas Conditioning Executive Summary Natural gas processing is one of the largest industrial gas separation applications worldwide and is on the verge of innovative technology which may prove more economically sound. One such technology is membrane networks which compete directly with amine units to separate carbon dioxide from natural gas. Currently, membrane networks consisting of multiple membranes, compressors, mixers and splitters are being investigated to determine whether these systems can handle larger flow rates than membrane units at a reduced cost. A model was designed in GAMS to assess the feasibility of an amine unit versus a membrane network where the annual processing cost was minimized. Several membrane networks processing natural gas at 19% CO 2 were designed to determine the optimal network. The two membrane network resulted in an annual processing cost of $163K with a total of 11% methane lost. A four membrane network was run in GAMS resulting in the three membrane
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