ExecutiveSummary-Perfumes - Pure Ambition by KCC Inc...

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Pure Ambition by KCC, Inc. Submitted To: Dr. Miguel Bagajewicz Department of Chemical, Biological, and Materials Engineering University of Oklahoma Kyla Patterson Cicely Williams Clare Hoang 05/05/2006
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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY KCC, Inc. is a startup company dedicated to delivering premium quality fine fragrances to women. The company is comprised of three owners with equal shares and responsibilities in the company. KCC, Inc. has prepared this document with the intention of seeking out investors for a new business venture to form the fragrance Pure Ambition. KCC, Inc. initially chooses to launch Pure Ambition in Oklahoma City and its surrounding metropolitan area. The perfume is aimed towards career oriented women between the ages of 25-44. The company intends to sell to approximately 130,000 women per year. Once the target market was defined, KCC, Inc. surveyed potential buyers. Based on the findings, the company has designed a perfume formulation that evokes the target emotional appeal in its consumers; the first step in meeting the company’s goal. This
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ExecutiveSummary-Perfumes - Pure Ambition by KCC Inc...

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