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Flame Retardants 2006 Executive Summary

Flame Retardants 2006 Executive Summary - Freeze-Flame Nano...

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Freeze-Flame Nano Capstone Design Project Spring 2006 5/5/06 University of Oklahoma Chemical Engineering KVTV Inc. Keshan Velasquez Tyler Viani
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1 Executive Summary KVTV has developed a new phosphorus based flame retardant thermoplastic named Freeze Flame Nano. This flame retardant has been developed to revolutionize the building construction industry. Great Lakes Chemical, the former producer of pent- bromodiphenyl ether and octa-bromodiphenyl ether has recently stopped production of these two leading flame retardants. These brominated flame retardants have shown increased signs of bioaccumulation. Likewise, these retardants have banned because of their toxic byproducts: dioxins and furans. Freeze Flame Nano has none of the functional groups that cause toxins to exist in the environment. KVTV’s product is a coating that can be applied on the surface of a multitude of different woods, plastics and home furnishings. The thermoplastic
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