HIDC-Abstract - Preliminary Evaluation of the...

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Preliminary Evaluation of the Heat-Integrated Distillation Column Su Zhu, Stephanie English, and Miguel Bagajewicz School of Chemical, Biological, and Materials Engineering, University of Oklahoma, 100 East Boyd Street, T-335, Norman, Oklahoma 73019 Executive Summary Crude fractionation is a high-energy demand process, requiring approximately 3% of the total energy used in the United States. Currently, there are incentives to reduce energy usage due to rising costs of energy. A recent development in distillation technology that has shown potential savings of up to 60% is the heat-integrated distillation column (HIDC). HIDC columns save energy by recovering excess heat from the rectifying section for usage in the stripping section. However, this technology has only been applied to specific hydrocarbon systems. This study investigates the application of some HIDC concepts in crude fractionation. Two new design of a column that applies HIDC to crude fractionation were developed.
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HIDC-Abstract - Preliminary Evaluation of the...

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