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Unformatted text preview: A NTIBODY ‐ FUNCTIONALIZED C ARBON N ANOTUBES IN C ANCER T HERAPY Kyung Kim, Kristina Tran and Miguel bagajewicz Executive Summary As breast cancer is the second leading cancer in women today with a projected 1.6 million victims in the US, we want to develop a treatment to attach monoclonal antibodies to single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT) to selectively target breast cancer cells and then use near-infrared (NIR) radiation to eradicate the tumors. Carbon nanotubes were selected as the delivery vehicle due to its small size and unique properties (most notably, its strong adsorption of NIR). This treatment has already shown success on the laboratory scale. As a minimally invasive alternative to traditional breast cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy or surgery, this treatment offers increased cancer cell death and minimal side effects to normal tissues. We developed mathematical models to predict the initial dosage for intravenous injection, emitting time for the NIR radiation as a function of the tumor volume. Tissue disposition of the drug was emitting time for the NIR radiation as a function of the tumor volume....
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