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Optimization of Membrane Networks-Superstructures* Ernest West**, Nina Wright**, Miguel Bagajewicz, Debora Faria (*)This work was done was as part of the capstone Chemical Engineering class at the University of Oklahoma, (**) Capstone Undergraduate students The natural gas industry is one of the largest industries in the United States with 10,000 companies producing an annual revenue of $100 billion dollars per year. Actual natural gas processing is the largest application of industrial gas separation. Membranes have been introduced as an alternative to traditional natural gas processing. In the interest of conserving energy costs and environmental concerns membranes offer a new exciting alternative to traditional natural gas processing. As the future of membranes in natural gas processing is becoming more certain, the necessity of more efficient designs of membrane networks becomes more important and vital. The most efficient membrane networks will be decided using a mathematical superstructure model. The superstructure will be able to eliminate inefficient
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