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1 P RODUCING M IXED A LCOHOLS FROM B IOMASS Jen Swenton & Matt Behring Executive Summary Record CO 2 emissions and an ever increasing demand for energy are pushing our environment to the brink. Extensive research is being done to provide clean and sustainable energy sources that can meet the worlds need. Dr. Mark T. Holtzapple has developed a MixAlco process that converts biomass to a mixture of short chain alcohols. These mixed alcohols burn cleaner with less CO 2 emissions as compared to petroleum based fuels. Also these mixed alcohols have favorable characteristics for the current fuel industry. Mixed alcohols can be blended to current petroleum based fuels to improve their emissions and efficiency. As an additive, mixed alcohols are more favorable than current additives because of their low vapor pressure, high energy content, and environmentally friendly properties. The MixAlco process is capable of using numerous feedstocks of biomass. The best yields are obtained using a mixture of agricultural foliage and livestock waste. Sorghum and cattle manure
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