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Nuclear Reprocessing-Abstract

Nuclear Reprocessing-Abstract - Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing...

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1 Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Daniel Bolgren and Jeff Menees Executive Summary A nuclear reprocessing facility takes the spent fuel from nuclear power sources and regenerates the fuel into a usable form once again. There is not a nuclear reprocessing facility currently operating in the United States. However, countries such as France and Japan are developing more and more dependence on reprocessing cycles. With foreseeable increases in the nuclear power market over the next few decades, it will become imperative that the United States develop a spent fuel reprocessing infrastructure. Most reprocessing today uses the PUREX process. This process can be inefficient at times. Another drawback is that it produces high levels of potential weapons grade material. Because of this, it is proposed that a new and more efficient process can be developed for nuclear reprocessing cycles. In order to facilitate the need for a new reprocessing technique, crown ethers were
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