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OK Energy Planning Executive Summary

OK Energy Planning Executive Summary - Abstract Oklahoma...

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Unformatted text preview: Abstract Oklahoma spends billions of dollars annually on energy consumption and markets for electricity, transportation fuels, and heating utilities are only seeing increased demand and thus increased production. These expansions are resulting in increased carbon dioxide emissions to the environment as well as higher production costs to companies and in turn, higher prices for consumers. New clean sustainable energy production facilities vastly reduce CO 2 emissions, but come at a high cost to Oklahoma’s energy companies. On the other hand, existing energy production from the combustion of fossil fuels is far more inexpensive but comes with a different price of its own, environmental emissions. As the state moves farther into the 21 st century, an optimum combination between increased sustainable energy production and energy production from fossil fuels must be found. Our project attempts to find this optimum as well as determine what steps should be taken to realize it. What the government needs to do to foster this sustainable energy increase, how much money it will ultimately...
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